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Since 2012 we have aimed at advancing the causes of, and fundraising for certain charities, charitable efforts by people, promote Southern Africa as tourist destination, African art, literature and culture and upliftment of the less fortunate. It started off as a once-off inititaitive to participate in an annual rally through Southern Africa in aid of tourism and charity. We extended our efforts into 2013 and 2014 and onwards. 

All the upliftment projects Wachizungu supporters have been involved in have been funded by individuals themselves and no tax benefits have ever been claimed against these. As a result many people have had their lives improved in small ways. Wachizungu has never received donations for itself. In fact, it has always operated at a loss. The website and its stated intent speaks for itself. It requires its supporters to fund themselves and their activities and has never relied on any donation for any of its own activities. Wachizungu supported various other independent registered charities in Southern Africa and elsewhere in the world as a fundraiser.

Among our activities we advanced the charities and the causes they represent. This is because the values and causes are believed to be congruent to the values that Wachizungu intended to advance. is a reputable , well-established and worldwide known charity that provides fundraisers and charities online solutions to receive donations and raise funds for charitable causes. Wachizungu made use of this platform in the same manner as thousands of other “activists” and “fundraisers.”

  • The process to register with as "cause" requires vetting and verification.
  • The process to register as “activist” on is an entirely different process to that of registering as a “cause.”
  • Wachizungu registered as "activist" and not as "cause" on
  • This means we did not and have never received donations for ourself but advanced other "causes" and raised funds for those “causes.”
  • When donations were made online, such donations went directly to those "causes."
  • Wachizungu is not and has never been a registered "cause" on but an "activist." See:
  • "Activists" can register "projects" in support of "causes" on
  • There are literally thousands such activists registered worldwide on in support of various "causes."
  • Wachizungu registered several" projects" in support of "causes" as an “activist.”
  • The projects all had lifespans. In other words, a particular period within which the "project" runs to fundraise for a particular supported "cause."
  • See the Wachizungu projects here:
  • Wachizungu then made available online links to donate to those specific registered "causes" on its public website at
  • Go to the link “Donate safely online”. If you click on the links you would be taken directly to the platform or whichever the relevant charity is utilizing.
  • When any donations were made the funds went directly to that "cause" and pays such moneys into the bank account of that particular "cause" directly. The money did not come to Wachizungu in any way or form.
  • None of the supporters or directors of Wachizungu have or had any interests (materially or otherwise, direct ly or indirectly) in any of the charities (causes) we supported. Nor have any received any benefits in any way or form.
  • Each such donation on is reflected under each "project" showing the date, name of donor and amount donated. Each "project" very clearly states which "cause" is the beneficiary of the donation. Wachizungu has never and will never reflect as a beneficiary of such donations.
  • See as example, and then you can look at each "project" to see who donated and when and how much here: and donations to that "cause" reflected here:
  • In some cases, people felt uncomfortable (or had others reasons) to donate directly online for various reasons or in some cases people gave cash donations to the "causes" supported. In such cases Wachizungu assisted them and allowed for payments to be made into the Wachizungu bank account after which they were directly paid over to the designated "cause" as identified by the donor online by Wachizungu on their behalf. Wachizungu supporters bore the transaction costs, bank fees and other expenses.
  • Wachizungu has never used donations intended for other charities to fund certain travels through Southern Africa on organized rallies.
  • Wachizungu has never received any donation and consequently never issued Section 18A tax certificates.

On what was reflected as the so-called "donors rolls" on the old website, each charity was reflected and had its own "donors roll" reflecting names, dates and very clearly identified which charity benefited from which donation. Such donations were also acknowledged on the Facebook and Twitter pages and clearly stipulated which charity was the beneficiary charity without fail. Whenever such a donation was made on behalf of a donor, this was acknowledged and reflected as such on Facebook and Twitter. These transactions in any event verifiable on in and all of this is publicly available. The "donors rolls" never reflected any donations to Wachizungu. These "donor rolls" were publicly displayed for purposes of transparency and were open to see by anyone on its public website.

  • Whilst the "donor rolls" (there were several and not one) were removed from the website at the request of donors who have been harassed by the media but are now published for sake of transparency.
  • Each “donor roll” reflected clearly which charity benefited from a donation.
  • Wachizungu has never elicited, received or advanced for donations or otherwise from any taxpayer who was involved in litigation with the South African Revenue Service in any way or form. Donations are and were made voluntary by persons to charities that Wachizungu supports. In some instances, we did not even know of the donations until after they were made.
  • Whether persons chose to, decided to or opted to donate to a particular cause supported by Wachizungu,if they did so, why they did so and how much they donated and to choose between a charity was entirely up to them. All such donations were voluntarily done and not in favour of, directly or indirectly to Wachizungu or any of Wachizungu's supporters.Where people found themselves aligned to the values of Wachizungu, they engaged and participated in events, some donated towards the charities it supports, so many participated in charity drives, fundraising events, advanced Wachizungu itself and participated in many activities such as Mandela Day events, Freedom Ride etc.
  • Telling people about Wachizungu was never done on the basis that anything or any advantage, accolade or benefit would be provided to a supporter or donor in return for their participation in Wachizungu in any way or form.

Many people from all over the world joined hands and raised funds for these causes and it is factually wrong to attribute this to a single person. It was a tremendous group effort. The largest amounts donated towards the Put Foot Foundation, were raised by an ambassador and collectively in value, make up the biggest amounts donated. The highest volume of donations were made directly online to the relevant charitable causes.

Put Foot Foundation (South Africa) In case you don't get it: These people donated TO the Put Foot Foundation
(28/10/2012) Lindi Kotze (28/10/2012) Elna Esterhuizen (28/10/2012) Christel Brits (29/10/2012) Cornelia Wessels (29/10/2012) John Shires (30/10/2012) Marika Muller (30/10/2012) Adrian Lackay (30/10/2012) Habiba Logday (30/10/2012) Zukie Kepe (31/10/2012) Carly Honeyborne (31/12/2012) Elaine Bing (2/11/2012) Patricia Langa (3/11/2012) Lana Pinkham (4/11/2012) Renee Marais (4/11/2012) Vicky DunnSneyd (United Kingdom) (5/11/2012) Anonymous#1 (5/11/2012) Anonymous#2 (6/11/2012) Monique Adams (Luxembourg) (6/11/2012) Anonymous#32(6/11/2012) Charl Fourie (Australia -Tasmania) (7/11/2012) Gunter Scheffold (8/11/2012) Louis Louw (8/11/2012) Dipuo Mvelase (8/11/2012) Rachelle Kriel (8/11/2012) Ivan Pillay (10/11/2012) Alison, Noah, Sheetal (12/11/2012) Peter Richer (12/11/2012) Luc Heuschling (Luxembourg) (14/11/2012) Tania Hector (15/11/2012) Brigitte Weiten-Faber (Luxembourg) (15/11/2012) Yolisa Pikie (15/11/2012) Ray Lalla (15/11/2012) Charly van Niekerk (16/11/2012) Zakkie Fritz (16/11/2012) Raheema Ismael (16/11/2012) Elmarie & Ettienne (16/11/2012) Linda Mndayi (19/11/2012) Pieter Posthumus (19/11/2012) Kingsgate Clothing Group / Sterling Clothing (20/11/2012) Wieslaw Ramalho (Luxembourg) (23/11/2012) Kumaren Moodley (23/12/2012) Tania Kirby (25/11/2012) Marika Cilliers (26/11/2012) Salome (26/11/2012) Karamba Jabbie (27/11/2012) Nelson Phayane (28/11/2012) Rita Hayes (28/11/2012) Patricia Langa (29/11/2012) H.E. Shirish Soni (29/11/2012) Mahlangu Inc. (29/11/2012) Mooketsi Ntsie (29/11/2012) Joubert Spies (29/11/2012) South African Rugby Legends Association (30/11/2012) Karin Verster (30/11/2012) Zakhele Mothupi (30/11/2012) Y Shaik (2/12/2012) Trevor Mark (4/12/2012) Ben Swart (4/12/2012) Anonymous#4 (Luxembourg) (4/12/2012) Anonymous#5 (Luxembourg) (5/12/2012) Eric Henderson (06/12/2012) Nathalie Hilgert (Luxembourg) (09/12/2012) Sylke W├╝bker (Luxembourg) (09/12/2012) Sole Sistas (11/12/2012) Kerensa Millard (11/12/2012) Rian Naik (13/12/2012) Sonia Trading (13/12/2012) Sadayimp & exp (13/12/2012) Kirun Nike(13/12/2012) Sridharan Kesavan (14/12/2012) Brett & Mark Levy -Blue Label Telecoms (14/12/2012) Brandon Harcus -NJD Technologies (14/12/2012) Imran Essack –SSG(21/12/2012) H Naik (28/12/2012) Vish Singh (28/12/2012) Josiane Adams (Luxembourg) (06/01/2013) Bricks Galore (10/01/2013) Harvey Xl Nexus (10/01/2013) Salome Diedericks (10/01/2013) Louis Louw (22/01/2013) Gurvir Khera (22/01/2013) Louis Louw (24/01/2013) Chris Wessels (24/01/2013) Newlyn (25/01/2013) Etienne Hefer (26/01/2013) Salome Diedericks (28/01/2013) J Chung (30/01/2013) Cassie V Nell (31/01/2013) Wayne Broughton (01/02/2013) Dni 4pl Contracts (01/02/2013) M Gosai (01/02/2013) Aziza Cajee (02/02/2013) Lisa Webb (03/02/2013) Nandi Louw (04/02/2013) Paul Watkins (04/02/2013) Jitendra Patel (04/02/2013) Vincent Webber(04/02/2013) Kathy Kleynhans (07/02/2013) Piet Branford (08/02/2013) Glen Rodger (11/02/2013) Pushpa Lalloo (11/02/2013) Tania Hector (13/02/2013) T Bosch (14/02/2013) Lesley Hutchins (14/02/2013) Azelle Roux (15/02/2013) Patricia, Ivan, Habiba, Karin, Kumaren, Charles, Ray, Godfrey, Pieter, Mcebisi aka "the birthday committee" (18/02/2013) SA Mining (26/02/2013) Booshan (27/02/2013) Paul's Spaza Shop (28/02/2013) Zain (28/02/2013) M Hoal (05/03/2013) Elena Williams (07/03/2013) Mani Financial Services (07/03/2013) Naik Family (07/03/2013) L Butler (8/3/2013) Arvind Maharaj (10/03/2013) Naik family (14/03/2013) Lertube (15/03/2013) Kim Dennill (22/03/2013) Monique Adams (Luxembourg) (25/03/2013) Chantel Diedericks (8/04/2013) Gretchen Anker (16/04/2013) Jean-Marc Ueberecken (Luxembourg) (16/04/2013) Peter Richer (16/04/2013) Claudine Harpes (Luxembourg) (17/04/2013) Various people via Monique Adams (Luxembourg) (17/04/2013) Guy Poos (Luxembourg) (17/04/2013) Lis, Tania, Camille + Jean-Marie (Luxembourg) (24/04/2013) Marilyn Grossklos (Luxembourg) (25/04/2013) Antoinette Botha (01/05/2013) Conny Schumacher (04/05/2013) Anonymous (Luxembourg) (13/05/2013) Joseph Flener (Luxembourg) (13/05/2013) Hisense SA (donated household goods to the charity and not money)
(22/05/2013) Bisset Consulting (27/05/2013) Adriaan Basson (31/05/2013) Franz Fayot (Luxembourg) (05/06/2013) Ian Smith (17/08/2013) Patricia's friends -Dale van der Merwe, Katlego Langa, Trevor Wentzel, Beyers Coetzee, Tania Roux (17/09/2013) Ashwyn Govind (15/01/2014) Pieter Posthumus (01/02/2014) Wachizungu members (02/02/2014) Pieter Engelbrecht (02/02/2014) Adrian Lackay (02/02/2014) Habiba Logday (14/02/2014) Piet van Heerden (15/02/2014) Susan Korman (15/02/2014) Lana Pinkham (16/02/2014) Ivan Pillay (27/02/2014) Patricia de Kok (27/02/2014) Mahlangu Inc (21/03/2014) Roy and Ruth Hamer (05/04/2014) Marc Hausemer (07/04/2014) Gerhard Maree & The Brother Moves On (20/04/2014) Habiba Logday (05/05/2014) Lisa Webb (10/05/2014) Dips Naik (12/05/2014) Rian Naik (16/05/2014) Mariana Jansen (17/05/2014) Nexus Travel (18/05/2014) Habiba Logday (18/05/2014) Tribeca & team (19/05/2014) H Daya (26/05/2014) Monique Adams (Luxembourg) (03/05/2014) Robi Sinner (Luxembourg) (12/06/2014) South African Rugby Legends Association (18/06/2014) Alain Schartz (Luxembourg) (06/08/2014) Ashwyn Govind (07/08/2014) Marika Cilliers (7/11/2012)

*Note: The anonymous people are ordinary folk, so relax.
Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust (South Africa) In case you don't get it: These people donated TO the Education Trust
Wachizungu Crew (8/11/2012) Lindi Kotze (12/11/2012) Peter Richer (14/11/2012) Ashwyn Govind (14/11/2012) Petrus Cilliers (14/11/2012) Jochie/Silvia Van der Merwe/Phillips (18/11/2012) Christel Brits (19/11/2012) Brent Oil (21/11/2012) Peter Kobue (26/11/2012) Salome (26/11/2012) Tinus Stander (5/12/2012) SoleSistas (10/12/2012) Mookesh Desai (09/01/2013) Elaine Bing (14/03/2013) Anonymous from Luxembourg (04/02/2014) Elaine Bing (26/02/2014) Wachizungu golf team -JvL, Ash Govind, Pieter Engelbrect & Erich Neethling (27/02/2014) Patricia de Kok (27/02/2014) Mahlangu Inc (22/04/2014) Mookesh Desai (05/08/2014) Elaine Bing (22/09/2014)
Wachizungu Orphanage and Academy (Zambia) In case you don't get it: These people donated TO the Zambians

Sadly, resulting from the sabotage and terrible behaviour by bad people, the Zambia Orphanage & Academy has shut down due to lack of funding. They used to care for 40 needy children. These children are now on their own. This is a tragic announcement to make.

*Although we share the name "Wachizungu", the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy is a totally separately registered entity in Zambia. 

13 December 2018

01/08/2013) Wachizungu (02/08/2013) Louise van Niekerk (02/08/2013) Lindi Kotze (03/08/2013) Monique Adams (03/08/2013) Lizija Massyn (03/08/2013) Siobhan Wilson (03/08/2013) Casey Polson (03/08/2013) Nicky Taylor (14/08/2013) Wachizungu (14/08/2013) Mahlangu (14/08/2013) Peter Eastwood (14/08/2013) Anonymous from Luxembourg (14/03/2013) Anonymous from Luxembourg (18/08/2013) Anonymous (01/09/2013) Wachizungu (14/09/2013) Monique Adams (26/09/2013) Louise van Niekerk (07/10/2013) Wieslaw Ramalho (01/11/2013) Naik family (20/12/2013) B Walter Attorneys (20/03/2014) David Howell (16/04/2014) Nelia Wessels (20/04/2014) Monique Adams (Luxembourg) (22/04/2014) Marc Hausemer(Luxembourg) (03/06/2014) Alain Schartz (Luxembourg)