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Zambian Orphanage & Academy shut down

Sadly, resulting from the sabotage and terrible behaviour by bad people, funding from the Zambia Orphanage & Academy has shut down due to lack of funding. They used to care for 40 needy children. These children are now on their own. This is a tragic announcement to make.

*Although we share the name "Wachizungu", the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy is a totally separately registered entity in Zambia. 

13 December 2018

Travel to Zambia and do good at the same time!

Dear friends and supporters

The businessmen who operate the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy* in Livingstone, Zambia now have three buses for hire in Livingstone.

Anybody interested when travelling to and around Zambia and specifically to and around Livingstone, Zambia in a group is offered transport for a fee.

A portion of the fees will go to the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy* to support the school-going vulnerable children they care for.

They have promised to give competitive rates per person. The buses seat a maximum of 28 persons and are new for your comfort. They are air conditioned and have a fridge inside.

Please support them.

If you want to contact them to organise and book the use of these buses you can call Kingfred Mwansa Mubinde directly on +260978956265 or WhatsApp him on the same number.

Message from Kingfred Mwansa Mubinde


*Although we share the name "Wachizungu", the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy is a totally separately registered entity in Zambia. 

21 April 2018


We received wonderful news from a student whom we assisted with funding for tertiary education in 2016. Well done! So proud! Happy to have been able to assist.

10 June 2017

Hardly rocket-science. Go to and sign up to crowdfundraise for any charitable cause you wish to support. It only takes a few minutes.
Really not hard to grasp, is it? Anybody can do it. And you get to choose a charity or as many charities you wish to support. Just go to and sign up as activist with a few clicks.


Sadly, what was once a very well-intended effort by a small group of people, which started out in late 2012 as a once-off fundraising effort, and grew and grew with many more joining, we believe we have reached the end of our road.

Unfortunately, bad people with malicious agendas have caused the group of people who collectively supported what Wachizungu stood for and advanced, tremendous damage. There is nothing that we can do about this. There are unfortunately always one or two bad apples in the pack. Let's hope that the wheels of justice turn eventually and expose them for their own misdeeds, not least their corruption, money-laundering, thievery, bribery, smuggling, lying to courts, manipulating and compromising state officials and processes. They may have gotten away with their evil deeds for now, but the wheel will turn one day. How they sleep at night and live with their consciences is a mystery.

We have tried to stay alive, on this website, our Facebook and Twitter accounts, but ultimately we have to now call it a day.

For legal reasons we will keep downloaded content of this website safe, keep the website up for a while longer, and so too the social sites. Collectively they present an irrefutable forensic audit trail of everything we have ever done, achieved and assisted others in changing lives. 

Many thanks to all who have joined hands, all who have assisted those charitable causes that we promoted, and for all your support. These words come across as empty, but know that YOU have changed lives and helped put smiles on little faces of children in Southern Africa who continue to face severe adversity. Thank you, thank you.

One world, one family, one future!

10 November 2016


Final report for 2015 - 2016 published under the Financial Reports page at the link top left.


Certain people with nefarious agendas have thought it fit once again to cast negative aspersions on what we have always been about. We have to address this in order to defend ourselves.

Simply put:

  1. We have been raising funds for various seperate and independent charitable causes since 2012 to date and we will continue to do so to the best of our abilities.
  2. Wachizungu has never received any donations for itself or own disposal. Nor will it ever. To suggest or state that people donated to Wachizungu is factually incorrect. Nobody has ever donated to Wachizungu. This is nonsense.
  3. We have always consisted of a range and number of people who share the same ideals and values. Since inception in 2012, many people from all over the world have been raising funds for the indepedent and seperate charitable organisations that we support - because they too supported the same causes that we do. To attribute funds raised for these charitable causes to just one individual associated with Wachizungu is not only mischievous and factually incorrect, but also fraudulent.
  4. Whilst we started off as a once-off initiative among a few friends (which at best can be described as a club of sorts to raise funds for charities), we grew over time. One idea was to register as a non-profit company, in late 2013, but by early 2014 we were attacked by nasty people. As a consequence we never functioned as such and it was deregistered. We have never had any foreign bank account/s. We have never functioned as a trust*, nor have we ever had a trust account.**
  5. All funds raised by the many people have always been openly displayed on our Facebook page, Twitter account and the online platforms we have used. They all reflect openly and transparently exactly who donated, the date of such a donation and to which charitable organisation the donation was intended. If you go to the online donation platform, you will also find the actual amount donated. There is a complete audit trail for all these on our social platforms and these have been there since day one. You will find that Wachizungu has never been reflected as a benificiary of any donation. 
  6. Where persons sought Section 18A tax certificates***, they obtained such from those charitable causes they donated to and not from us.
  7. Why people and companies donated towards any particular charitable cause was their own choice and preference. We cannot speak for anyone. Nobody who supported any of these charitable causes received anything in return except a thank you. Any suggestion otherwise is spurious and fraudulent.
  8. For further detailed financial information, see our financials posted since May 2015 on this website. It's all there.

People, this isnt rocket science, really. Don't let one or two nefarious people lead you by the nose. If your'e really interested, take a few minutes to study our reports which have been posted on this website.

31 August 2016

*There are three types of trusts under South African law:

  • An “ownership trust”, under which the founder or settlor transfers ownership of assets or property to a trustee(s) to be held for the benefit of defined or determinable beneficiaries of the trust.
  • A “bewind trust”, under which the founder or settlor transfers ownership of assets or property to beneficiaries of the trust, but control over the property, is given to the trustee(s).
  •  A “curatorship trust”, under which the trustee(s) administers the trust assets for the benefit of a beneficiary that doesn’t have the capacity to do so, for example, a curator placed in charge of a person with a disability.

**Bank account held by a trust at a bank.

***A taxpayer making a bona fide donation in cash or of property in kind to a section 18A-approved organisation, is entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary section 18A receipt issued by the organisation or, in certain circumstances, by an employees’ tax certificate reflecting the donations made by the employee.


Mid-term results of a tertiary student that we assisted with further funding to complete the final year.

Well done! So proud.

5 August 2016


Happy to be able to assist a final year social studies student to complete studies this year.

Building bridges where there were none before.

Something we so desperately need in our country. This then makes it our fourth tertiary education student we've been able to assist and it's a privilege to be able to do so.

Like Vincent Tshabalala said "every drop helps fill an empty bucket."

31 July 2016


Wonderful news received from a student in Western Cape who is in his final year of tertiary studies. 

We've assisted him with his study fees for this year. He has reported back to us to tell us he has scored straight A's and B's in all his subjects and is now preparing for the mid-term examinations. 

He lost his mother last year and has had to struggle to survive financially. 

We wish him all the best! Next year there will be one more teacher in South Africa to contribute towards a better society for all.

24 June 2016



With the starting of the new academic year at universities in South Africa we are happy to say that we have managed to assist 3 deserving students:

We assisted a student with registration at the University of Johannesburg (General degree)

We assisted a student with more than half his tuition fees for studies in Kwa-Zulu Natal at the Mangosuthu University of Mechanical Engineering (Engineering)

We assisted a student with full tuition fees for his final year of studies at the University of Western Cape (Teacher)

No tax benefits claimed. Directly from the heart, with love, aiming to build bridges where so desperately required.

20 February 2016

Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa: Complaint by Wachizungu NPC vs MNet

Following a positive engagement at the BCCSA between Wachizungu and Carte Blanche, an amicable solution was reached.

Wachizungu has withdrawn its complaint to the BCCSA.

Carte Blanche will broadcast a statement on 7 June 2015.


We have posted a report on our activities for years 2012-2015"on the link "Financial Reports"

15 May 2015


We have posted our financial statements and independently audited reports for years 2012-2015 on the link "Financial Reports"

20 May 2015


Wachizungu has no desire to become embroiled in matters that doesn't concern it. We prefer to focus on the good things we have started and hope to continue building upon. We simply wish to state, after having studied a report made public (and certain media reports) that to a small extent referred to Wachizungu, and after having obtained legal advice the following:

1. We were never formally engaged by any party who chose to investigate us. If not for proper due process being our right, at the very least common decency should have dictated we be engaged before mere assumptions and assertions which affect our rights and reputation were made. It is regrettable that this was not done. It appears that the mere "say so" by unnamed persons was accepted without any consideration of the veracity thereof

2. We were never afforded a right of reply to any adverse comments and then these were published without our consent or consultation with us. The right of reply to any matter adverse of one is a well-founded legal principle in South African law. It is regrettable that this was not honoured by any of the people

3. A right of reply would have corrected misconceptions that appear in their "findings"

4. Purported "facts" concerning Wachizungu are flawed and misleading

5. The legality of the content of the so-called "findings" is questionable and littered with inaccuracies and legal faux pas 

6. We have never received donations for Wachizungu. This was easily verifiable but never done. This has been explained ad nauseum and yet those who chose to continue making this allegation has simply refused to reflect the truth of matters. We have explained the manner in which we have always functioned in absolute detail

7. We never received donations from service providers to the state. This was easily verifiable but never done

8. The charities we support never received donations from people who litigated with the state. This was easily verifiable but never done

9. The charities we support never received donations from people who received settlements from state institutions. This was easily verifiable but never done

10. No donations were from Kazakhstan. This fact was easily verifiable but never done. The negative aspersion cast upon that country on the basis of false allegations is considered regrettable and ill - placed

11. We have formally offered full cooperation with any agency or state-assigned audit firm. The audit firm opted to not take up our offer, and yet whilst acknowledging this offer went ahead and made "conclusions" based on pure nonsense. We have informed this audit firm of the factual and legal flaws in their approach, so-called "findings" and methodology in writing 

12. We note the statement by the lawyer of one such panel that there were no findings made against third parties which would include Wachizungu NPC as juristic person. This was publicly confirmed by the attorney of the panel and subsequently confirmed by a High Court judge in sitting

13. We are not and have never been supported by any state agency.  This fact was easily verifiable but never done

14. Donations made to charities we support were done voluntarily and if reasons for such are required,  it is advisable to obtain an explanation from the respective donors personally as to why they chose to donate and why they preferred to donate to any particular charity. We cannot speak for any such donor

15. Stated views concerning Wachizungu are incorrect

16. Multiple statements are contradictory

17. We commissioned a reputable and independent audit firm to conduct an in-depth audit of Wachizungu. This included submitting the audit results to a seperate control test at own cost by the directors.  The audit reports are clean and unqualified. This included verification where we processed donations on behalf of donors and that such donations reached the intended charities. This also included verification of own funds of directors,  supporters, sponsors and participants in various activities and that such expenditure was not funded through donations. Third party verification was done to confirm that donations intended for seperate charities reached such charities. Where another audit firm expressed views on our financials, it declined to engage us and declined to consider any facts put forth by us for inexplicable reasons 

18. We are not aware of any "lawyers, advocates or spin doctors in the tobacco industry" whose clients entered into settlements and donated to any of the charities supported by Wachizungu. This was easily verifiable but never done. No "audit firm" donated to any of our projects in support of independent causes either

19. Ordinary people from Luxembourg donated to the various charities we support directly. The negative aspersion cast upon that country because of false allegations is considered regrettable and ill - placed

20. Stated views concerning other charities are incorrect.  The facts were easily verifiable but not done. It is regrettable that one person's verbatim false allegations were selected for publication. It is further considered regrettable that the names of genuinely good charitable causes were unfairly dragged into the matter

 21. Ordinary people from many other countries  worldwide also donated to the various charities supported by Wachizungu.  They too did so voluntarily and directly online

22. Wachizungu's model, manner of fundraising, founding document and disclosures were never asked for, considered or reflected. Had this been done, public information on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, various media reports, radio interviews, social attendances would have provided more than sufficient verifiable facts concerning Wachizungu. It is regrettable that none of these were reflected upon as it would have corrected misconceptions

23. We never attended a "dinner" in January 2013 (or any other dinner) which resulted in a donation or donations of ZAR 550000. There simply is/are no such a donation/s and this allegation is nonsense

24. Our website has never been "down" or "not been available." We started the website in 2012 and have been paying subscription to the host every year without fail. These allegations are also nonsense. The website has been active since 2012. In any event, our social sites on Facebook and Twitter, which have kept our supporters abreats of every development and activity we were ever involved in were also available at all times. It is obvious that the audit firm who "looked into matters" did not even bother to look at these. Had they, then they would clearly not have come to the conclusions that they appear to have done

25. Certain funds raised in aid of the seperate and independent charitable causes we support were inaccurately attributed to one person, whereas in fact such donations were raised by an entirely different supporter. Sadly this incorrect impression cast negative aspersions on one supporter. Had these donations been properly queried, these facts would easily have been determined

26. Multiple persons participated in raising funds for the charities we support and not only one as has been suggested. Hundreds of people joined hands in Wachizungu to advance the causes of so many good causes

27. A comment suggesting that we have/had a bank account in Liechtenstein is nonsense. The further comment that because no evidence was found to support this allegation but that this didn't "mean there is/was no such account" is illogical, unfortunate and actually just malicious (and stupid)

29 May 2015 (updated on 25 July 2015) (updated 26 February 2016) (updated 16 November 2018)

Urgent appeal

Dear friends

The 40 kids in Zambia desperately need to go back to school. Bad and false publicity have had a negative effect on some of our causes which has resulted in these kids now no longer being able to attend school.

Click on the link "Donate safely online" on the left, spare a few pennies and donate towards the orphanage if you can please? Any amount will help. It costs an average of EUR 83 per annum to put one kid through school for a whole year.

Please help us help them

31 May 2015


We are looking for ideas for the upcoming Mandela Day! Mandela International Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s  birthday on 18 July, 2009 via unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly. 

It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices when he said that “it is in your hands now”. 

It is more than a celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy. It is a global movement to honour his life’s work and act to change the world for the better.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela

Contact us at if you have ideas for us.

26 June 2015


Wachizungu is deregistering as NPC and will continue as a social movement going forward. 

Sadly we were never able to come to full fruition as NPC.

25 July 2015


We are so happy to hear that the 40 Zambian orphans are back in school!  Despite the little hitch suffered,  people came together, extended a helping hand and enough was donated towards their cause to get them all back in school for the 3rd term. Their fees have been fully covered until the end of the year. 

It costs about EUR 83 per child for an entire year's schooling. You can support them directly on the link on the left "Donate safely online" and your contribution will go directly to them.

Thank you so much to all those who chipped in and helped them. Let's keep them in school now.

28 July 2015


Check out the link on the left "Our causes." We have added more causes that really need your help and assistance. To donate directly towards any of the causes, use the link on the left "Donate safely online" and rest assured that your contribution will go directly to that cause. Wachizungu itself has never, and does not receive or accept donations to itself or any of our own activities we participate in. Our motto is that we pay our own way for any activities we participate in.

One world, one family, one future! 

14 September 2015


The Wachizungu Orphanage and Academy in Zambia now has a whatsapp group for those interested in joining, chatting or giving any form of support. You can hook up with Leon Chisha (a board member) on +260 97 7439550.

Please note, while we share the name Wachizungu, they are an independent registered charitable body in Zambia. We support them because we believe in their cause.

14 September 2015


We have noted public comments suggesting that we have received donations. 

Our response is that we reiterate that we have never, and will never accept donations. 

We have noted a press release by a large media house wherein there is clearly a suggestion that a "sympathetic article" was published in a certain newspaper concerning us and attributed to a particular journalist. 

Our response is that we are not aware of such an article and it is simply untrue.

In general, we reiterate that it is regrettable that some people have resorted in attacking a small and well-intended effort by people who genuinely care for the future of our region, country and in particular our children. We choose to focus on the positive and will not be detracted from our intentions. We ask of those who continue to do so to please stop. It is enough now.


3 December 2015


Sadly we have to respond to stupid rumours again. So let's spell it out for once and all. Again. In like, absolute detail. We have never received any donations.

Once upon a time,  long, long ago, (in fact in October 2012) when we first started as a small fundraising group for (at first) two seperate and independent registered charitable causes, we opened a dedicated bank account for Wachizungu. When we started our website at this point, we added links to an online donation platform which supported those charities. As time progressed, we started to support more such charitable causes and added more links to them on our website. 

We started raising funds in and around October 2012 and found that certain people wished to donate to the causes we fundraised for, but for sake of convenience, or were for whatever reason unable, unwilling or found it difficult or not practical for a variety of reasons to do so via the direct online donation links of those separate and independent causes. Some indicated their preference for an EFT (that's "Electronic Fund Transfer" for the dumbos) option rather for whatever reason they may have had. We even received cheques. In other cases, the online platform links didn't suit some. Some found it easier to ask us to make online donations to the cause they wished to donate to on their behalf. We also offered this option to, for instance, people who gave someone cash for his birthday, who then in turn made such donation to the indicated cause via the online platform. We also raised funds on our own through activities which left us with cash on hand. So its all really simple. Happens all the time when parents go around with lists for their kids who raise funds for causes. They collect the money and pay it over to the school or charity. What we offered was no different to this.. 

Well, from a fundraising perspective, we've pretty much ground to a halt in 2014 due to malicious, false and spurious allegations. In the result, after first confirming that whoever sought to investigate the bank account got what they needed, and only when our audit was complete, did we close the bank account. It served no further purpose. But we ensured to get (stamped by the bank) a complete list of all transactions from day one. 

So to those who have caused us so much harm, sleep easy. You've achieved what you wanted to. Your conscience (if you have one) is your own. 

The facts:

We started Wachizungu as a fundraiser club of sort in October 2012. We did so at that time because a few of us had entered an annual social rally which expect of participants to not only pay their own way during the rally, but to also support the primary charitable cause that provides school shoes for needy kids through fundraising efforts. The formula also allowed the many teams participating, to fundraise for other additional charities. This has been done for years now by many teams participating in the rally and with great success. It has received so much recognition in various television programmes, newspapers, magazines - and not only in South Africa. Literally hundreds of people in teams over the years have followed this very same formula. Nothing funny here

The Wachizungu bank account was opened in November 2012.

We publicly announced the bank account details on our website, Facebook page, Twitter (they are all still there - see example of a screenshot displaying one such Facebook post - a few times on our timeline on Facebook and Twitter at the time) and afforded persons this option for us to process donations on their behalf since 14 November 2012.

The latest allegation that a businessman donated ZAR 550000 to Wachizungu is pure nonsense. No such donation exists. We processed around ZAR 600000 on behalf of donors to various independent charitable organisations that we supported over the years in this manner (2012 to 2015). The precise figures are reflected in our audited financials as published in May 2015 on our website. Importantly, no such donations processed came from service providers to any state department or persons under investigation by any state department. The same applies to supposed "journalists." These allegations are also just plain nonsense

In other words, where someone asked us to process their donation online on their behalf, they would indicate the charitable organisation of choice and we would then make the online donation on their behalf.

For example, one donor would say "this is for the school shoes" in which case the donation would be processed online to that particular charity. Others would say "this is for the education trust", or "this is for the orphans" and all were processed according to their wishes. Whenever we did so, we announced this publicly on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Every cent was accounted for with our auditors and confirmed as having been received by the various independent causes these donations were intended for. See our audited financials for years 2012 to 2015 on the relevant webpage. We carried the bank costs of such transactions. In fact, the bulk of donations (in terms of volume and value) to those charitable causes were made directly online and we didn't need to assist in any way. Where donors sought Section 18A tax certificates as proof of their donations to any particular charitable cause for tax purposes, these were obtained from and issued by those particular charities themselves.

Furthermore, as indicated, whenever such a donation was processed, we posted the facts on Facebook and Twitter stating a) who donated, b) who they donated to, c) the date. Wachizungu was never indicated as a beneficiary of any donation. We did so without fail. 

All these posts on Facebook and Twitter are still there, dating back to October 2012. The amounts donated reflect openly and transparently on the online platform used in any event, showing the a) name, b) date and c) amount as well as d) which charitable organisation benefitted from the donation. 

Wachizungu has never received any donation nor did it benefit from any such processed donation. We have always paid our own way for any activity we participated in.  

The bank account was closed May 2015. 

For those who still don't get it, sorry. It's simple enough to figure out if you really want to. Its actually quite easy, you know. Over 120000 people have done so, so we're sure you will too, if you take about a minute to do so. This isn't rocket-science. Really.


19 February 2016