The things we do and how we function

How we roll!

Since 2012 we have been raising funds for various independent and seperate charitable efforts in Southern Africa and elsewhere. Find out more about them on the link top left "Our causes." You can donate to them directly online using our link "Donate safely online."

We do not receive or accept and have never accepted donations to Wachizungu. Donations go directly to any of the independent charities we support via the online payment platforms provided by Wachizungu on the website and any such donations made in the past and in future are voluntary, by own choice of the person or entity concerned. Payment platforms are set up by the respective charities themselves and are typically either provided by or Paypal. We do not issue Section 18A certificates. If someone feels unfcomfortable in making donations online, we will assist. If you have donated to a charity of your choice and require assistance to obtain a Section 18A certificate from that charity, we will assist. We support those causes because we share their values and what they represent.

Our model demands that we fund our own way and that is what we have been doing. When Wachizungu followers participate or do anything, you pay your own way. That is how we roll. 100% volunteerism is the name of our game. Wachizungu started off as a small "movement" with a few members who were already involved in charity organisations and activities. We brought these under a single "umbrella." We now have over 2000 friends on Facebook and more than 1000 followers on Twitter and many, many friends and family members from all over the world! Wachizungu is not a person, but consists of a group of people who club together from time to time to do good and have fun.*

We do good, mean to continue doing so, and have fun whilst improving the lives of others in any little way we can.

 Things we have done:

  • 2013 Put Foot Rally supporting the Put Foot Foundation and marketing Southern Africa to the world. This project was finalised in 2013. Wachizungu collected almost ZAR 1 million for the respective charities during the annual Put Foot Rally 2013. ("Crews" who participate in the Put Foot Rally pay an entrance fee which goes towards defraying costs by the organisers, and then pay their own way for the balance of ALL costs incurred including accommodation, travel costs, meals etc. Donations towards the Put Foot Foundation are not used in any way towards costs incurred during the rally by any of the "crews." Part of the run-up to the rally consists of the participating "crews" collecting donations that go towards the Put Foot Foundation which is very seperate from the rally itself. So chillax.)
  • Wachizungu, supports the promotion of African art by introducing and marketing artists and traders via our various social media platforms.
  • Wachizungu assists in the building of homes for domestic workers at cost of their employers. E-mail for more details.
  • Wachizungu, supports the promotion of literature by Africans and about Africa by introducing and marketing them via our various social media platforms. Their works and contact details are displayed in the hope that interested persons will take the time to support them reading their works!
  • Wachizungu supported the University of Free State's distance-learning programs and had 2 students that completed their LLB Law degrees through them.
  • Put Foot Rally 2014. The Put Foot Rally is a regular annual event that Wachizungu participates in, in support of the Put Foot Foundation. Put Foot Foundation, watch this space! Wachizungu had two teams in the 2014 rally and collected ZAR 308 000, 00 in aid of providing brand new leather school shoes to under-privileged children.
  • Support our local clothing and textile manufacturing sector! Wachizungu supports Love SA, a new fashion brand designed and manufactured by South Africans, for South Africans. The catalyst that led to the creation of this unique designer label was the desire to affect positive change in our country. We care about the South African clothing industry and the people whose livelihoods depend on its long-term survival. The Love SA project fund was established as part of this ongoing commitment. This fund takes a percentage of the profits from each garment sold and uses those proceeds to further educate and train people within the local clothing trade.
  • This project was concluded in 2013. Wachizungu promoted an interactive website of Dr Ruan Louw, a South African cardiologist who went to Belgium on a study visit.
  • Be a proud taxpayer. Wachizungu supports tax compliance. It is the one way where individuals can directly contribute towards society and those less fortunate.
  • Wachizungu, supports the promotion of African music, bands and musicians by introducing and marketing them and their events via our various social media platforms. Their work and events and contact details are displayed in the hope that interested persons will make contact with them, get to know of them, attend their events and support them.
  • The Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy - Livingstone, Zambia. Wachizungu is supporting a group of dedicated business people based in Livingstone, Zambia in their endeavors to provide housing, schooling and a safe haven for orphans from around the area. The orphanage is a registered institution with the Zambian Authorities. They can be contacted directly at or
  • Wachizungu is supporting people who wish to act as organisers/overseers and coaches of children who have a desire to form a football club. One such club has already been founded in Livingstone, Zambia under the guidance of Mr. Leon Chisa. Wachizungu seeks ways to provide for basics for such clubs i.e. quality footballs and attire. Donors will have the opportunity of branding the attire with their logos. He can be contacted directly at
  • Wachizungu travels. Persons associated with Wachizungu have traveled to various wonderful places in Africa such as diving in Mafia Island in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Tanzania, climbed Kilimanjaro and visited the gorillas in Rwanda. We have broken bread with our brothers on a beach in Mozambique and swam in the tropical sea. Wachizungu has walked on the dry clay of Sossusvlei in Namibia, and visited their 3000 year-old boabab tree. Wachizungu has white-river rafted the Zambezi in Zambia, snorkeled Lake Malawi and sat so close to the elephants of Elephant Sands, Botswana - you could hear their tummies rumble. Wachizungu is hoping to introduce and share their experiences and travels to others via their social media platforms, informal talks and slide shows. In addition, from time to time, Wachizungu will be arranging travel opportunities and invite like-minded people to join the group.  There will always be an element of social contribution attached to these travel opportunities. Doing good and having fun!
  • Wachizungu clubs and teams. Wachizungu supports various events and efforts that combine sporting disciplines and doing good at the same time. Wachizungu has a golf team, a cycling team and a Jeep Warrior Race team amongst others. The idea is to support interested people to form teams under the Wachizungu banner, espousing our principles and values and carry our message wherever we go. Interested people can contact us via email. You can follow any discipline, it can even be a wine club team, a book club team or whatever you may wish to combine as an interest, hobby and what we stand for! Come on, what are you waiting for?

More things we have done:

Supporter/self-funded activities:(This means wachizungus paid their own way using their own personal money.)

  • Kilimanjaro trip 2010
  • Gear, warm clothing for a Kilimanjaro guide team in 2010 - no tax benefits claimed.
  • Mozambique trip 2012
  • Rwanda Gorilla trip 2012
  • Zanzibar trip 2012
  • Mozambique trip 2013
  • Wachizungu 2013 Put Foot Rally send-off. Self-funded. No tax benefits claimed
  • Wachizungu website fees - 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016
  • Project "Build someone a home" where we assist domestic workers to have proper homes - 4 homes built/renovated/improvements funded by employers personally 2012/2013/2014 - No tax benefits  claimed by any of the individuals
  • Put Foot Rally 2013
  • Scooter, helmet and protective gear for young businessman starting a small gardening service. Donated by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2013
  • Wachizungu Southern Africa trip December 2013
  • All Wachizungu adventure and team events funded by participants personally - scuba, cycling, travels. No tax benefits claimed - 2012/2013/2014
  • Christmas gifts to Wachizungu orphans in Zambia funded by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2013
  • Easter gifts to Wachizungu orphans in Zambia funded by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • Gifts, books & clothing to Wachizungu orphans funded by individuals. No tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • Cycling events 2014
  • "The Brother" fundraiser for Put Foot Foundation 2014
  • Warrior Race 2014
  • Put Foot Rally 2014
  • We participated in a fundriasing event for the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust Golf Day and raised money for educating children from Alexandra - no tax benefits applicable - 2014
  • We collected brand new underwear from various people for under-privileged children on behalf of the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust - no tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • A person donated brand new blankets for the aged in Alexandra via the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust - no tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • A person donated 50 watches to children via the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust as prizes for doing well at school - no tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • 2 deserving students of the Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust from Alexandra schools obtained funding from 2 businessmen for their entire studies at the university of their choice - no tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • Customs duties for importation of shoes destined for Namibian children paid by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • Wachizungu gear, shirts, caps 2013/2014
  • UFS distance learning 2010 to 2014 - 2 students self funded
  • 2 Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust students full university tuition fees paid by individuals - no tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • Deposit for car paid on behalf of a single mother of 3 children by individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • All banking fees incurred by Wachizungu covered by an individual personally. No tax benefits were claimed - 2013/2014/2015
  • Monthly contribution of groceries for a family based in Alexandra as part of a VTET project by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2014/2015
  • New CD player donated to an NPO based in KwaZulu Natal. The CD player is intended to play educational CD's to children. Purchased and couriered by an individual. No tax benefits claimed - 2014
  • We assisted a person from Malawi finacially to travel (to and from) and bury his late father - No tax benefits claimed - 2015
  • Personal donation towards a student in Kwa-Zulu Natal to complete her studies. No tax benefits claimed – 2015
  • Donated a brand new mountain bike to a deserving individual - 2015
  • Individual paid ZAR 87353,00 towards the drawing up of financials, an independent audit and seperate control test for Wachizungu - no tax benefits claimed - 2015
  • Individual paid ZAR 30000,00 towards the St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church "beans fund" which aims at providing meals to the homeless in Tswhane, South Africa - no tax benefits claimed - 2015
  • Paid for registration fees for a tertiary student - no tax benefits claimed - 2016
  • Paid for full tertiary tuition fees for student in final year - no tax benefits claimed - 2016
  • Paid half of tertiary tuition fees for student - no tax benefits claimed - 2016



*Wachizungu was briefly registered as NPC (Non-profit company) in South Africa in September 2013, but due to unfortunate circumstances decided to deregister - not all out there believe in our cause and what we stand for.  It never fully functioned as such. We have subsequently also closed the bank account after we ensured that all relevant interested parties had copies of all transactions. The bank account was opened in October 2012 and closed in March 2015. Some mischievous people took it upon themselves to defame and cast aspersions on Wachizungu as separate legal persona because of their own nefarious agendas. In December 2014 at its annual meeting the original board agreed and resolved to deregister Wachizungu, finalise its annual reports and its annual financial statement. Apart from a Chartered Accountant having done the financials, we also, at own cost obtained services of an independent and reputable audit firm to redo our financials and  to conduct a detailed audit on transactions where we processed donations towards the seperate charitable causes we support on behalf of donors via the online links we provide here. We also asked for a seperate control test to be conducted by an independent audit team. The audit findings were clean and unqualified.The financials and audit results are posted on the link at the left top. Each donation processed in this manner by us has always been reflected on our Facebook page and Twitter handle since October 2012 when we started. Whenever we did so, each donor was named, the charity which benefited from the donation was also named and the date thereof is also reflected. In no instance was Wachizungu ever reflected as a beneficiary of any such donation in any event.