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Written by Chantel on 3. Nov, 2012
I am in love with the concept of being an wachizungu! Will be following you guys every step of the way. Good luck.

Ps can we send tips and recipes?
Written by Gert on 3. Nov, 2012
Goodluck tequila dude. PS Anyone want to buy a boat?
Written by Renee on 2. Nov, 2012
As I had no choice but to support my Brother dear... even though I deleted his email, sms's and face book requests I at last had a phone call... so now I am a supporter and think the message proposed is wonderful and positive so we should all do our bit.
Written by Kabous on 2. Nov, 2012
Well done Weltevreden Estate! Maak ons Kapenaars trots! Good luck to the crew!
Written by Adrian on 2. Nov, 2012
I love the whole "wachizungu" concept! Brilliant! I hope to follow your adventure closely! Good luck!
Written by Zukie on 2. Nov, 2012
Phambili ngalo msebenzi umhle kangakanana niwenzayo, uThixo woxolo anisikelele anangezelele ngakumbi. Enkosi
Written by Patricia on 2. Nov, 2012
Mosebetsi o motle haholo, if re ne re etsa jwalo kaofela ho ne ho tla ba monate haholo lefatsheng! Modimo a le hodise, a le hlohonolofatse!
Written by Christel on 31. Oct, 2012
Already feeling more at home in Africa, how about one of these as a back-up
Written by Ashwyn on 29. Oct, 2012
watching wachizungu.
Written by Thea on 29. Oct, 2012
This initiative can have massive impact by idividuals doing just one small thing! Good luck - hope to see photos soon..
Written by Anya on 29. Oct, 2012
Jambo Crew Wachizungu! Happy trails and well done on the website!
Written by Elna on 29. Oct, 2012
Deur aan 'n kind se hart te raak, het ons die vermoe om vir hulle hoop te gee. Hoop vir 'n beter toekoms en geleenthede.
So gaan heen en versprei BAIE HOOP!
Written by Patricia on 29. Oct, 2012
Please load the crew and fun filled photos! The car will need extra sponge 😝😝😝