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Written by Arvind Maharaj on 8. Mar, 2013
Awesome work you guys are doing.keep it up.
Written by Stephanie Powers on 6. Mar, 2013
You guys are amazing and so inspiring! I love the updates on your Facebook page! Keep Wachizungu going! You are changing lives! Spread the love!
Written by Patrick Xaba on 22. Feb, 2013
Hey Jo! Keep it up my brother!
Written by Lisa Kay on 18. Feb, 2013
This is so cool! Love it! Wish I could join! Keep up the good work! Johann, I'm volunteering for 2014!
Written by Louis Kleynhans on 7. Feb, 2013
Keep it up! Looking good!
Written by Louis on 25. Jan, 2013
I read your article on page 7 of the Sunday Independent paper. It is a realistic reflection of where we are in South Africa and how we can make good for the past and build a future for all. Well done Wachizungu and don't ever give up on your dreams
Written by ashwyn Govind on 24. Jan, 2013
Page 7 of the Sunday Independent
Written by Sonia on 24. Jan, 2013
Awesome cause!
Written by Telita Snyckers-Norgaard on 19. Jan, 2013
Each of us, in even the smallest of ways, can make a difference, can make life a little better for someone who doesn't get to live the life of comfort we are blessed with. Making a difference does not have to mean driving across a continent to deliver shoes - although it might! Making a difference is about finding ways of sharing our time, our experience, and yes - sometimes our money, so that others can lead a life of dignity. You inspire me, and I hope you continue to inspire a global community so that the spirit of Wachizungu lives on and grows, long after the last pair of shoes has been delivered!
Written by Agnetha on 16. Jan, 2013
Written by Fred van Zyl on 7. Jan, 2013
Welcome back wachizungus. We missed you.
Written by Monique on 20. Dec, 2012
Jean-Claude, a good friend and real wachizungu left us on November 21, 2012. A quote from Antoine de Saint Exupéry was one of his last messages to us :" Don't just take easy roads.Take paths that no one ever walked before, to leave tracks instead of dust ". Please take this on the road with you !!
Written by Little kids from Mmpumalanga on school excursion to Pretoria on 12. Dec, 2012
Written by Karolus Oliphant on 8. Dec, 2012
Loving this! I hope people read all the links. Very amusing, but thought-provoking at the same time.
Written by Gavin - SARLA President & Founder on 7. Dec, 2012
May you be inscribed in the book pf blessings for all your efforts.