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Written by JACKO on 1. Aug, 2013


Written by Leon Chisa on 1. Aug, 2013
We are very happy to have the Wachizungu Orphanage in Zambia
Written by Kingfred Mwansa Mubinde on 25. Jul, 2013
Thanks Wachizungu for making the Orphaned Vulnerable children feel important in Livingstone
Written by Natalie Britz on 15. Jul, 2013
Loving this!
Written by Marlene Viljoen on 23. May, 2013
You provide a place of warmth and energy for weary travellers, and motivation and purpose for all.
Written by Jerry Liu on 15. May, 2013
Dear friends,

Glad to hear from you.

It's very nice to meet you today.

I am very happy to do something together with such a high efficient team.

We can do many things together in the near future, like help poor community, grow local small company, and create more jobs.

If there is any opportunity, pls do not hesitate to let us know.

BTW, tks for promoting Hisense brand on your website.
Written by Elaine on 14. May, 2013
Showing us all what can be done. Well done, so far and I'm sure it will develop from here. A wonderful initiative.
Written by Saroj Jamnadas on 9. May, 2013
Best of luck!
Written by Alex Sara on 1. May, 2013
What an exciting initiative.
Written by Erika on 21. Apr, 2013
Johann, Lindi & Kim ...... I had the honour of meeting Johann personally and I am exhilerated that there are people like you out in the world!!!
Written by Tania Kriel on 20. Apr, 2013
You guys are an inspiration to us all. It is incredible what you have done in such a short space of time. Amazing. It is such a good idea. I wish you well in everthing you do.
Written by Raschid Khamis on 3. Apr, 2013
Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life...COME ON GUYS FORWARD EVER-BACK WARD NEVER.
Written by Monique on 26. Mar, 2013
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)
Written by Salome Diedericks on 22. Mar, 2013
Awesome guys!
Written by Xoli Mhlongo on 13. Mar, 2013
Awesome stuff.