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Written by Jacky on 22. Jul, 2016
Sharp, sharp, peeps! Time will heal all.
Written by Tracy Smith on 28. May, 2016
Excellent idea. Love the album. Keep it going guys!
Written by Patricia on 11. Mar, 2016
Keep up the good stuff
Written by Sandy Khumalo on 17. Jan, 2016
Oh wow! You guys give me so much hope! Amazing. How do I join up?
Written by Billy on 24. Sep, 2015
Good work!
Written by Cecilia Smith on 6. Aug, 2015
Wow! Keep up the good work guys!
Written by Jen on 30. Jul, 2015
Thank you for keeping up the chin despite the efforts to harm a good cause.
Written by Pete on 15. Jun, 2015
Buckle up and move on. You guys have done so much good. Keep the focus on that. Don't let the naysayer(s) get to you. Its what they want to achieve. Ignore their efforts to undermine something good. Their opinions mean little in the bigger scheme of life.
Written by Adrian on 8. Jun, 2015
Really half-hearted and lacklustre apology by Carte Blanche. Shame on them for just swallowing the nonsense of a woman scorned and harming such good efforts in the process.
Written by Michelle on 7. Jun, 2015
Chin up. You guys have done good. You will again. Hang in there. Good always triumphs evil in the end. Think of the smiles of kids who have benefited and let that image carry you guys.
Written by Bruce on 14. May, 2015
Hang in there and never give up. The difficulties will soon pass. Focus on what you guys started and keep up the good work.
Written by Jackson on 23. Mar, 2015
Sad to hear what has happened. Why would someone be so vindictive to harm Wachizungu? Keep on with the dream and never give up.
Written by Renerefski on 22. Feb, 2015
Inactve does not mean it is closed down carte blanche!!!!!
Written by mike'"> on 10. Feb, 2015
Keep up the good work!'">
Written by Roger & kids on 23. Dec, 2014
You guys are great! Love you all!