The word "wachizungu" has a particular historical meaning in Africa, dating back to the 18th century.

"Wachizungu" literally means "things of the aimless wanderers." Literally translated it means "someone who roams around aimlessly" or "aimless wanderer." The term was first used in East Africa to describe European explorers in the 18th century, apparently as a result of their propensity to get lost in their wanderings in Africa.

As a social movement named Wachizungu, we comprise of South Africans (and yes, people from places as far as Luxembourg, Khazakhstan, Tasmania and Indonesia to name a few) who are all - what some might consider to be - "wachizungu." What makes us so within the context of such a description is the colour of our skin and the fact that our ancestors hail from Europe, India, Malaysia, Central and North Africa and the Middle East and other countries.

Where your ancestors hail from, and the colour of your skin remains very relevant within the context of South Africa's history. Today, millions of South Africans continue to suffer the consequences of the actions of the apartheid regime, despite political freedom being attained in 1994.

We recognise this reality and whilst not intending to trivialise this issue, chose the name "tongue-in-cheek" because we all consider ourselves to be nothing other than pure and true Africans. Whilst our forefathers may have wandered around "aimlessly" as Africa was not their home, we do not have to because it is ours.

Our philosophy is that it is our generation's responsibility to contribute more than ever towards doing good in our country and Southern Africa as a whole.

For us to be African, we must behave African. To complain and point out what is wrong is not really very helpful. Enough people are well aware of our challenges in our countries and really do not require this to be pointed out to them. We want to be part of solutions. We want to contribute. Furthermore, we believe that doing good doesn't always have to be accompanied with moaning and groaning - you can have fun doing it too! 

We continuously seek to use any opportunity to contribute in however small way, towards those of us less fortunate. It is in this spirit that we intend to demonstrate our African-ness across the countries in Southern Africa.

In doing so, we are hoping to raise awareness of our collective responsibility to the future generations in Africa. Ultimately, this is the best way to demonstrate that we are Africans.

Our basic rules?

1. No politics. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

2. No negativity. There is no art in complaining. Talk about solutions. Be part of them.

3. No borders. Any country, any language, any religion, any philosophy.

4. Have fun.


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