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The various charities we support are seperate registered non-profit organisations and comply with all relevant financial regulations. We support them, because we share their values. Donations made are voluntarily. When you make a donation via our "Donate safely online" link, you are provided with an online platform to donate directly to the charity of your choice. Your donations go directly to that charity. You can help us help them make a difference in the lives of so many. Go on! Do it!

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The Put Foot Foundation, by way of the annual Put Foot Rally gifts brand new South African made school shoes to young underprivileged learners in South Africa! Giving kids 'Hope, Pride and Dignity': the foundations of a positive future!

Here is how Put Foot Rally supports charity: Firstly, each Crew is free to support a charity of their choice! The first R10,000 raised must be donated to the Official Rally Charity: "Put Foot Foundation". The Put Foot Rally's "Supporting Charity" policy takes a leading role in the Tourism Industry by encouraging others to contribute and preserve our incredible continent that provides millions every year with an 'African Experience', that future generations may also share in our beautiful land in the future.

More at: www.putfootfoundation.com
The Vincent Tshabalala Education Trust was founded in 2003 to inspire, motivate and nurture promising high school pupils in South Africa's Alexandra township. It was named after Vincent Tshabalala who was born in Bethal in Mpumalanga on August 15 1964. He grew up and studied first in Bethal, where, aged a mere 13, he became involved in politics after being inspired by the 1977 Bethal Trial. Later, while at the Minerva High School in Alex, he became a member and chairman of the Congress of South African Students. In 1982 he was a founding member of the Alexandra Youth Congress. In 1983 he went into exile and joined the ANC's military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe. He returned to South Africa in 1984. On February 9 1985, at the age of 21, Tshabalala was killed in a gun battle with the apartheid government police in Alexandra. The trust is also intended to encourage them to be mindful of Tshabalala's fine characteristics. The trust assists young people from Alexandra who have the potential to study and make a positive contribution to their community but are hindered owing to financial constraints and lack of awareness of available opportunities. The trust has helped young boys and girls to study at tertiary institutions. The trust's aims and objectives are to:
award full bursaries to the top five financially disadvantaged matriculants in Alexandra; sponsor two disadvantaged Grade 8 pupils to complete high school; initiate local and international educational and cultural exchange programmes for pupils in Alexandra's high schools; enhance the culture of learning, teaching and service among pupils, teachers and parents in the township's high schools; and engender a spirit of voluntarism and nation building among beneficiaries and other pupils in Alex, ensuring that those who succeed become mentors of those who are equally hardworking and ambitious.

More at: www.vincenttshabalalatrust.org.za

Sadly, resulting from the sabotage and terrible behaviour by bad people, the Zambia Orphanage & Academy has shut down due to lack of funding. They used to care for 40 needy children. These children are now on their own. This is a tragic announcement to make.

*Although we share the name "Wachizungu", the Wachizungu Orphanage & Academy is a totally separately registered entity in Zambia. 

13 December 2018


Under the lead of Mr Mubinde Kingfred Mwansa, the Wachizungu Orphanage and Academy was registered with the Zambia Authorities on 12 July 2013. The official documentation can be provided upon request.

Obviously funding is an issue, but any form of support will be appreciated.
As a start-up initiative based in Livingstone, Zambia, the orphanage is caring for 20 young children of which 10 boys and 10 girls. The children stay with guardians who are elderly and some relatives who are not able to send the children to school and offer them care that is needed. Most of the children are involved in street sales for their guardians to raise funds to buy food. For the time being we are looking for ways and means of building a home and proper school that will provide a permanent infrastructure for them. We are hoping to collect funding to be able to provide the children access to school. This will enable them to educate themselves and hopefully one day be able to become productive, positive adults. They have since grown to look after 40 children.

More at: chishaleon@yahoo.com
TOLO is registered as a private not for profit organization in Thailand, established as a means for providing food, shelter, clothing, education and other assistance to needy children, both resident and non-resident at the center who have been identifed as either orphaned, abandoned or indigent or whose parents are unable to adequately provide for their needs.

TOLO also sponsors the 97 children of the Wat Ban Yoei Sakae Elementary School located in Tambon Ban Samet, Muang District, Buriram Thailand as well as 3 more kids in grade 7 whose educational expenses they cover at Pattara Bhopit Secondary School. Mr Folke Wallberg (a member of the board of trustees) is authorized by TOLO to collect money on their behalf and transfer it to the TOLO account in Thailand to help fund the operations and programs of TOLO Buriram. When you designate a gift for TOLO, please send an additional email message to Roger Walker to confirm the amount of the gift sent so appropriate acknowledgement and receipts can be provided. If desired please include how you want your gift to be used Sponsoring A Child: TOLO will use the money according to your wish, a special project, books, toys etc.If you dont have any preferred use for your gift, the money will be used for the daily run of the orphange or to support an ongoing project in a school.

More at: www.tolo-thailand.com
“Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.” Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

The HIV virus has swept through our communities causing misery, suffering and devastation. The epidemic is not over – YET. More than 5.5 million South Africans are living with HIV and although the rate of new infections is dropping 1 in 4 individuals between the ages of 15-49 are infected. In addition the Western Cape has the highest incidence of tuberculosis in the world. New strategies to prevent infection and combat these diseases are critical. We are working hard – you can help…

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) was established in 2004 as a not for profit research centre with a base at the University of Cape Town and the aim to find solutions to these two immense health challenges. Health professionals and community workers at our sites in Gugulethu, Crossroads, Old Groote Schuur Hospital, and Masiphumelele engage with the communities most at risk to promote and improve HIV prevention methods and provide support and information to those on treatment.

Specific projects that need support: Our 25 Sizophila Counsellors support more than 40 HIV support groups and have a case load of more than 1,000 clients on treatment.
The DTHF Youth Centre in Masiphumelele offers reproductive health services and HIV testing within a comprehensive youth development programme.
The Tutu Tester mobile unit provides a wellness package of health tests and, where necessary, TB screening for those unable to access health services.
Renown for innovation and excellence the DTHF is playing a leading role nationally and internationally in turning the tide of HIV and TB. Science and the resilience and commitment of ordinary people will make these twin epidemics history. Together, let’s make it happen!

More at: www.desmondtutuhivfoundation.org.za
Our Vision is to facilitate the process of learning and subsequent employment of South African children who are not able to access resources, knowledge and information in this sector due to their disadvantaged familial and environmental circumstances.

By working with high school children to develop healthy attitudes and a sense of responsibility for their lives, we prepare them for life after school in three key areas: tertiary education, the world of work and entrepreneurship. Each child and young adult has potential to end the cycle of poverty in their homes and our mission is to enable them to do so.

More at: www.ilearntolive.co.za

In February of 1990, Nelson Mandela walked free after 27 years in prison and stirred the world to believe in hope. Five years later, as one of his first actions as a private citizen and as a testament to his commitment to future generations, Mr Mandela founded the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (NMCF), a non-profit organisation that seeks to change the way society treats its children and youth.Since 1994, Nelson Mandela’s greatness has transcended and transformed both nation and society.There is a lack of paediatric facilities throughout Africa, in particular,specialist centres, to serve a population of a total of nearly 450 million children.In 2005, NMCF approved an initiative to create a dedicated tertiary and quaternary referral and academic hospital to serve the health needs of the children of Southern Africa, irrespective of socioeconomic status. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital (NMCH) will be a:• facility guided by a child-centred approach to specialised paediatric care;• continuation of Mr Mandela’s dream to make available worldclass health care to all children in Southern Africa;• critical child healthcare resource;• state-of-the-art specialist hospital housing Centres of Excellence in Haematology and Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurosciences, Renal, Endocrine, Craniofacial, and Paediatric Surgery. Mr Mandela and his legacy organisations, namely the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Mandela Rhodes Foundation, regard NMCH as his final legacy that epitomises his love for and belief in the children of Southern Africa.

More at:
JYB is a non-profit project in the Lawley informal settlement South of Johannesburg.

JYB was founded by Bryan Ndlovu and a group of young people in 2016 after a number of nonprofit organizations were closed down due to lack of resources to provide for people in need around informal settlements.

JYB now assists local organizations that care for women and children by collecting used furniture, clothing, blankets, school bags, school shoes and food donations to assist those in need and also upgrading nonprofits by painting and renovating centres

You can follow them on Facebook https://m.facebook.com/JYBNPD/ or whatsapp at 083 246 3681.

For more information please feel free to e-mail Bryann@jybvas.co.za
Objectives of the Foundation

In pursuing its core objective of deepening non racialism, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation will:

Promote the values, rights and principles enshrined in the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa;

Collect, record, promote and display, through historical artefacts and contemporary material, Kathrada's role in South Africa's liberation struggle and its relation to the role of other individuals, groups and movements both nationally and internationally;

Establish a research and documentation centre that will provide selective historical and contemporary documentation and archival material on liberation history in South Africa in general and the South African Indian community in particular, and to make this available for academic and scholarly research;

Organise seminars, lectures, debates and discussions and undertake research on issues which promote a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa;

Identify and support projects and programmes that will deepen non-racialism and create an equitable society;

Build and maintain a centre that will carry out all of the activities and programmes of the Foundation.

While Ahmed Kathrada's activities were substantially connected with the Indian Congress, in practice his activities extended well beyond the Indian community, ranging from the Young Communist League to Umkhonto we Sizwe, amongst others. The Foundation will therefore strive to include basic data and be a reference point for information on other individuals and liberation organisations.

More at: https://www.kathradafoundation.org/
The LIV model is long term cluster foster care, where children have a sense of belonging in a supportive community, modelling an African village lifestyle.

They place orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them, a school to educate them, and where they receive spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing.

More at: